ACME Medical Inc. has been established in 1978.
Since the past 30 years. we have been contributing to Korean Blood Transfusion Market.
We promise to do our best to supply the best product in Korean Market now and forever.
We ACME always be with you anytime you need our product and any help with true mind of president. Lee,
'We should supply best medical instruments.'
'We have many professional salesmen and engineers for you.'
'We are ready to assist you, please contact us anytime if you need our help. '
- President Mr. T.B. Lee

Our mission is for supplying qualified medical products into Korean market.
Currently we are the market leader of the blood processing systems in the Blood bank/Hematology/Oncology.
We are now challenging a new business for Cell & Gene-therapy and for the Delivery & Formulation of the Nanomedicine.